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Do you know the principle of the filling machine

  1. Do you know the principle of the filling machine?
    For general edible liquid materials such as bottled milk, bottled alcohol, carbonated beverages, etc., isobaric filling method, vacuum filling method, etc. can be used, but considering the cost, the isobaric filling method can effectively reduce can filling machine


the loss of CO2. Maintain the quality of aerated beverages, prevent excessive foaming during filling, and ensure accurate filling measurement. So this paper adopts equal pressure filling method.

The bottle is completed in sequence in the filling machine: 1. Inlet air, 2. Inlet liquid and return air; 3. Stop liquid intake; 4. Remove remaining liquid and other 4 steps. At the same time, the various detection status sensors on the production line are all connected to the PLC, and the PLC controls the entire system according to the detection status of the sensors through a programmed program.

The filling valve assembly is composed of liquid valve, gas injection pipe, gas valve, centering cover, exhaust valve, etc.