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How much do you know about the small oral liquid filling machine?

Among the many therapeutic drugs and health products, the proportion of oral liquids is constantly increasing. Oral liquid packaging has gradually evolved from a controlled oral liquid glass bottle to a brown glass bottle with a tear-open lid. In recent years, the caps of the brown glass bottles have been transformed into aluminum-plastic caps and aluminum caps that are easy to intubate. It can be seen that the packaging materials of oral liquids are changeable and diverse. Small oral liquid filling machine have gradually become popular in the market.

Changes in the packaging materials of oral liquids have also put forward new requirements for small oral liquid filling machines. The filling and sealing equipment used for oral liquid glass bottles is used for forward directional filling of glass bottles, that is, the bottles are placed in a directional direction, and are fed into the filling and sewing process by the turntable and conveying track, and finally the cap is capped. The easy-foldable plastic bottle for oral liquid is divided into two parts: the bottle body and the bottom cap. The “slender” and “thin” bottom cover make it difficult to design the device's directional processing function. The filling and sealing equipment of the easy-folding plastic bottle of oral liquid needs to fill the plastic bottle in a reverse direction, and then send it to the conveying track for filling and suturing between the bottle body and the bottom cap. Too much liquid medicine remaining in the suture will seriously affect the quality of the suture or cause leakage. In order to ensure the quality of the seal, the liquid medicine filling head needs to be able to rise with the filling liquid level. Therefore, the design of the filling head is also a difficult point.

What kind of speed or model can meet the general production requirements of domestic oral liquid? This needs to be considered from the scale and development trend of domestic oral liquid production. Since both therapeutic drugs and oral health care products in my country have shown a medium-to-large scale and multi-variety production situation, the models should be positioned in the middle and high-speed automated on-line type.