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How to choose the function of the automatic vacuum packaging machine?

The full-automatic vacuum packaging machine has wide applicability, high degree of mechanization, and large domestic market demand, while an imported full-auto vacuum packaging machine has to reach more than 2 million. In 2000, Zhucheng took the lead in developing a fully automatic stretch vacuum packaging machine, which rewritten the history of relying solely on imports in China. A piece of equipment only costs less than 500,000 yuan. Once the equipment was successfully developed and marketed, it was well received by all walks of life. With the demand of the market, various food machinery companies have gradually created can filling and seaming machine their own brands, and the dazzling array of brands will position the equipment into three gears: low, medium, and high. The low-grade product configuration and material are slightly inferior, and the price is naturally lower. However, some excessively low-priced products on the market usually cannot meet the requirements of customers. When users want to understand this machine, they also need to understand the differences between different brands of automatic vacuum packaging machines.

Every manufacturer who has used a fully automatic vacuum packaging machine knows that this is a packaging device that integrates multiple functions. It has different functions for different products, such as small packages that need to print the date. , You can choose to install an automatic coding system and a coding machine; for some products with soup, you can install an automatic filling system; if you want to realize automatic feeding, you can equip a manipulator. The price difference between these coding systems and filling systems is very large, so there are also big differences in equipment with different functions.

The machine can pack liquids and pastes such as shrimp slippery, solid particles such as various nuts and preserves, and lumps such as trotters and duck wings. It has realized packaging automation for large and medium-sized enterprises. As long as a staff member puts hundreds of finished bags in the bag taking part of the equipment at a time, the mechanical claws of the equipment will automatically take the bag, open the bag, and give the measuring device the signal and drop Material, sealing, output.

Another commonly used automatic packaging machine does not need to prepare pre-made bags in advance, because the machine can realize automatic bag making. Specifically, it uses a forming mold to heat the film, and then use the forming mold to punch into the shape of the container, and then the package Put it into the formed lower film cavity, and then carry out vacuum packaging. During the operation of the whole machine, manual operation is required in addition to the material shifting area, and the rest of the links are all fully automated production, which can liberate workers from intense and heavy repetitive work and improve production efficiency.