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How to debug and operate beverage liquid filling machine

1. No-load operation debugging, the rotation speed starts from low speed, first do jog, then observe low speed operation Whether the motor gearbox, bearing, and bottle spring box are normal. Pay special attention to the operation of the bottle spring box. Gradually increase the speed until the cylinder reaches 3R-P-M, and it can be put into normal production after 20 minutes of operation. Check the condition of the carbon dioxide gas pipe, whether the solenoid valve is normal, and whether the pipeline is leaking. In the post-adjustment stage, the empty bottle is sent to run, and whether the bottle is accurately aligned, pay special attention to the phenomenon of bottle jamming.

2. Adjusting the bottle spring box: (1) Put the empty bottle to be filled into the bottle spring and hold it up: then adjust the height of the liquid cylinder until the spring box bottle holder is pressed down by about 40-50 mm, and then fixed Liquid cylinder. When the beverage filling machine is filling, the bottle is not deformed (not broken) and the suction mouth does not emit air, which is just the compression force. (2) Check the bottle holder of the bottle spring box. When the bottle holder drops to a low point, the bottle holder must be consistent with the table. (3) Pay attention to whether the rollers can roll flexibly, and whether the rollers and the track fit in a reasonable manner, and there should be no jumps.

3. Pay attention to the level of liquid in the cylinder. Adjust the liquid level to fluctuate 15 mm up and down in the middle of the sight glass. If you need to adjust the liquid level, just turn on the manual carbon dioxide gas supply switch to increase the air pressure, and let the liquid return to the mixer. In normal operation, only exhaust and enter the liquid. When the fork is opened, the liquid in the exhaust cylinder is immediately filled to the required position.

4. Trial run of irrigation: Trial run of irrigation should be performed before the formal filling production. From the disposable mixer, feed carbonated water, and adjust the carbon dioxide gas valve, (recommended data disposable mixer pressure 0.25-0.28MPa; filling machine liquid cylinder delivery pressure 0.28 ~ 0.35MPa). Start the beverage filling machine at a low speed to start filling, and gradually increase the speed when it is normal.