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How to use the sealing machine?

Many food companies do not manually complete the product packaging, because it will consume a lot of manpower and material resources, so there will be special machines. But at first it may be unfamiliar with this machine. Here is how to use the sealing machine:

The first step is to wear a film.

When you get the film, you need to confirm the winding direction of the film, find out the counterclockwise direction, and put it on the film rod to fix it. (Please turn off the power when wearing the film) Please pay attention to whether the fixed splints on the front and back of the film are tightly connected with the film.
After wearing the film, use adhesive tape to stick the film firmly to the receiving paper tube.

The second step, sealing operation steps (panel operation instructions).

DGD1204 Cans Filling and Seaming Machine

Turn on the power, turn on the power switch, the indicator light is on, set the thermostat to a predetermined temperature, then the green heating indicator light is on. When the upper hot plate reaches the predetermined temperature, the red constant temperature indicator light is on (when the sealing machine is working, the electric heating device continuously alternates in the heating and heat preservation state, so the green and red indicator lights also alternately display, which is normal).

Put the plastic cup into the lower mold slide, and push the lower mold slide to a certain position by hand (if it is an automatic sealing machine or an automatic sealing machine, the lower mold slide will automatically enter after putting the plastic cup), press down The handle of the sealing machine reaches the maximum stroke, keep the pressure for 1 ~ 2 seconds, then slowly raise the handle and push it to the original position.
Pull out the lower mold slide, take out the plastic cup, put in the last sealed plastic cup, and perform another cycle.