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What are the applications of belt scales

The belt scale is an auxiliary equipment of the belt conveyor, which is installed on the existing belt conveyor to monitor the material flow. The belt scale is designed to meet the general requirements of belt conveyors. The user selects the appropriate product according to the specifications, speed and material volume of the belt conveyor of its own technical equipment.

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The development of belt scales is relatively fast. can filling machine First of all, it is a mechanical tool that can only be measured. At present, the electronic belt scale has increased the function of automatic batching, and is continuously improved to meet the different needs of society. In order to optimize the process, the flow setting value of the belt scale used in the ball mill, rod mill and self-milling machine often changes with the changes of certain test parameters in the process. In the belt scale, the weight ratio between the main and auxiliary materials remains unchanged, but the total weight of the mixed material flow changes with the fluctuation of the amount of the main materials.