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What are the configurations of the filling and sealing machine?

Filling and sealing machine configuration:
  Filling and sealing machine frame is welded by channel steel angle iron, etc., after 3 times of anti-rust treatment, then outsourcing 304# stainless steel; the exposed parts are made of anti-rust treatment and stainless steel, aluminum and so on.
   Pneumatic components adopt imported components, and the machine can be customized according to the sample cup and requirements provided by the buyer.
   Transmission system: The filling and sealing machine adopts well-known motor, reducer, cam divider, template and transmission chain.
  Cup system: it is composed of frame, slide rail, cup storage bin, cup push cylinder, etc. Synchronous control action is completed by sending a signal when the template is stopped. stable.

DGC4808 Can Filling and Seaming Machine

  Filling system: The storage tank is made of stainless steel 304, the size can be customized. The filling volume can be adjusted freely, the quantitative and accurate filling degree is high, and there is no leakage, and a stirring system and a heat preservation heating system can be added.
   Film release system: The filling and sealing machine automatically grabs the film with a vacuum arm and puts it directly above the empty cup. The accuracy is high and time saving.
   Coding system: automatic ribbon coding (constant temperature control) is adjustable, which can quickly change the code. Easy to load and unload.
   Membrane correction system: photoelectric eye tracking automatically corrects the film pattern and cup alignment.
  Sealing system: using constant temperature (intelligent temperature control) hot pressing twice for sealing, the sealing head is first-grade brass, good thermal conductivity, strong and strong
   Membrane cutting mechanism: cold die-cutting, cutting out the easy-to-tear cover film tape, which is convenient for opening.
  Cup output system: consisting of slide rail, slider, variable speed motor, and mounting bracket. The filling and sealing machine can also be equipped with vacuum arm suction cup system and external conveyor belt.