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What are the filling machines according to the filling principle?

According to the filling principle, the filling machine can be divided into atmospheric filling machine, pressure filling machine, liquid filling machine, oil filling machine, paste filling machine, sauce filling machine, granular slurry filling machine , Powder filling machine, vat water filling machine and vacuum filling machine.

Atmospheric filling machine is filled by liquid's own weight liquid filling machine under atmospheric pressure. This type of filling machine is divided into two types: timing filling and constant volume filling. They are only suitable for filling low-viscosity and gas-free liquids, such as milk, liquor, and mineral water.

The other is that the pressure in the liquid storage cylinder is higher than the pressure in the bottle, and the liquid flows into the bottle by pressure difference. This method is often used in high-speed production lines. The pressure filling machine is suitable for filling gas-containing liquids, such as beer, soda, champagne, etc.

The vacuum filling machine fills the bottle when the pressure in the bottle is lower than the atmospheric pressure. This type of filling machine has a simple structure, high efficiency, and a wide range of material viscosity adaptations, such as oils, syrups, and fruit wines.

The oil filling machine can fill all kinds of oils, such as edible oil, lubricating oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, etc. This type of filling machine is a filling machine specially developed for the filling of oil materials, which can realize flexible configuration of manual operation and unmanned operation, such as edible oil filling machine.

According to the measurement method, it can be divided into flowmeter type. Piston. Weighing type etc. According to the equipment style, it can be divided into linear type and rotary type. At present, most of the domestic manufacturers of oil filling machines are located in Shandong, Guangdong, Jiangsu and other places.