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What is the benefit of the special-shaped bottle filling machine

The special-shaped bottle filling machine is suitable for filling materials such as oils, glues, hand sanitizers, shampoos, pastes, etc. in the oil, daily chemical and other industries. The equipment can be used alone or in line with other equipment. Beautiful appearance, easy operation, accurate filling, stable operation and long service life. It is a multifunctional equipment that can be customized.

Special-shaped bottle filling uses positive displacement plunger pump pneumatically controlled stainless steel valve to perform filling, which is suitable for filling different viscous materials. Pneumatically controlled plunger pump, convenient and can filling machine reliable adjustment and measurement. Pneumatic anti-drip filling needle with suck-back function can effectively prevent wire drawing and dripping. The whole machine is easy to clean and disinfect, and it is easy to change specifications and adjust. Speed ​​control is frequency conversion speed regulation, no filling without bottle. Can be designed according to GMP requirements.

The development of special-shaped bottles is also relatively fast. If you look at the market alone, it is difficult to see what will happen. It is difficult to predict how the filling machine will change unexpectedly in the next stage. However, preparations must be made. Only continuous improvement of innovative equipment can make More customers see the shining point of the filling machine, and Shanghai Hao Chao will continue to work hard for this.

Because the special-shaped bottle filling machine is a model of filling equipment, it is mature and reliable in terms of technology. No matter how good the manufacturer says, after field inspection and test machine, it is recognized by customers, which is recognized by the market. Good. We don’t know what its performance is when it is not suitable for use, especially for filling equipment. It depends on its stability and pass rate. After use, the stability and quality of its performance can be determined. In this case, the user will Make a true evaluation of the manufacturer based on your own usage.