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What is the difference between linear filling machine and rotary filling machine

The role of the filling machine continues to enrich the development of the market, especially the production capacity of the filling machine, which greatly meets the needs of enterprises. Speaking of filling machines, they can be divided into many types in form, but the most popular filling methods are mainly divided into two. can filling line machine Linear filling machine and rotary filling machine. Many people will not understand the difference between them, so we will introduce you to this aspect.

The linear filling machine adopts a split structure, that is, each part and each filling head part are single. This can be more convenient and flexible in later maintenance and maintenance, and the operator is easy to operate and understand. Since the split structure of the linear filling machine will have a certain influence on the filling speed, it is used in some large beverage, mineral water and other enterprises. For this type of filling machine, Xinghui recommends not to use a linear filling machine.

The rotary filling machine has improved in terms of structure and performance. It has a precise filling volume adjustment device and an automatic protection device for mechanical and electrical overload. In the filling process, always keep the valve nozzle and the liquid level equidistant. Filling can also be designed to fill or leave the liquid with the valve nozzle according to the type of the bottle and the material liquid, which effectively avoids the phenomenon of liquid turning over and adopts GMP sanitation. Standard equipment materials.