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What is the internal structure of the can sealing machine?

We know that the can sealing machine is an indispensable tool for the sealing of the product. The can sealing machine is mainly composed of the main motor, the pressure filling cylinder, the top filling cylinder, and the pushing cylinder. Do we know the function of each part of the can sealing machine? ? Here is a brief look at you.

Main motor: The main motor is an important part of the sealing machine. It is mainly responsible for the sealing action of the sealing machine. When the motor rotates for 3~6s, it will automatically stop and rely on the elastic force of the spring to pull the pin out of it. Thus completing the entire sealing action.

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Pressure filling cylinder and top filling cylinder: Before the product performs the sealing action, the pressure filling cylinder will push the product into the wire one by one and wait for the corresponding sealing action. When the product sealing action is completed, the top filling cylinder is required to push the product into the corresponding indexing To prevent the product from jamming during the re-operation and unable to complete the operation!

Push-cylinder: No matter in what working mode, when the index plate performs a work reset, no matter whether there is a corresponding product on the station, the push-cylinder must perform a push-pull action, this is to prevent the product from being jammed. Yes, the pushing time of the pushing cylinder is set according to the pushing time of the product under normal air pressure.