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What is the working principle of the juice canning machine?

Now people's consumption level is getting higher and higher. With the improvement of people's quality of life and health awareness, the market share of carbonated beverages has decreased significantly. Officially, due to the growing market share of non-carbonated beverages, the current aseptic packaging Technology has emerged at the historic moment in our country and will be rapidly promoted and applied. Using aseptic packaging technology, beverage production and filling can be performed at room temperature, thereby retaining the nutritional content and flavor characteristics of the product, and extending the shelf life of the product without adding food preservatives and without refrigeration Very in line with people's mentality of advocating safe and healthy drinking. Using aseptic packaging technology can also reduce product packaging costs.

DGD1201 Cans Filling and Seaming Machine

I give a typical machine for juice canning, the name is three in one, that is, three in one, bottle washing-canning-screw cap. Three steps on one machine, the first is to rinse the bottle, the empty bottle follows the bent stainless steel track to reach the vertical position, at this time, the bottle mouth is vertically downward, and then there is a tray inside that will go to that position to open The flushing liquid, after flushing, reaches the canned part. Whatever drink mineral water we drink has a small platform under the anti-theft ring, which is generally the same diameter as the lid. The platform is just stuck on the bottle block and the spool tube. Just inserted in the bottle, after a certain distance, the valve core was opened, the valve was opened, and the can was started. After filling, it automatically came down with the cam track (with a cam track in it) and the bearing walked on it ( Cylindrical cam). The last is the screw cap. The screw cap has a sensor, which also uses the mouth of the bottle. When you walk over, it will scratch the sensor, and then blow a cap down to the flange. Grabbed by the cover, screwed down and OK. The conveyor belt comes out, sleeve label-peripheral anti-virus-packaging.