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Where is the application range of the paste filling machine

The more common one in the packaging industry is the paste filling machine, which has a wide range of applications. It can fill toothpaste, shoe polish, honey, sauce, essence cream, moisturizer, conditioner, ointment and other paste products . can filling sealing machine The equipment is widely used in catering, food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, etc., in line with GMP standards.

The paste filling machine has automatic filling and automatic film capping functions, with a high qualification rate. The control system of this machine uses programmable control technology, man-machine interface operation, high-precision filling, long service life, high temperature resistance, and acid resistance Alkali. The paste filling machine has high degree of automation, high output, wide application range and good stability, and is favored by customers.

The paste filling machine is an automatic filling system. It uses compressed air as power and is composed of precise pneumatic components. It has a simple structure, sensitive and reliable action, convenient adjustment, and is suitable for filling various viscous liquids and pastes. In recent years, it has been widely used in the packaging industry. So how to solve some small faults during its use? Next, I will talk about the minor problems and how to maintain it.

The production and processing of many foods and beverages requires multiple processes, including liquid filling. The quality of the filling material directly affects the quality of the product and the storage effect. Since most pasty foods are viscous foods and have a short shelf life, if the filling process does not meet the standard, it will directly affect the quality of the product. In the filling part of the daily paste, many operators found that many filling machines will have foam, stringing and leakage during the filling process. Will cause unnecessary waste and seriously affect the appearance. However, with the rapid development of the packaging industry and the efforts of manufacturers, paste filling machines have effectively solved these problems.

The paste filling machine uses a gear pump quantitative filling principle. The entry, positioning, filling and unloading of the bottles are automatically controlled by PLC, in line with GMP standards, equipped with high-precision stepping motors, and the control system completes the synchronization, positioning, length and speed of the machine. The filling is accurate, no dripping, no water leakage, which improves the production capacity and is easy to operate. Suitable for filling various shapes of plastic bottles, such as glass bottles, PET bottles, etc. Before operation, it should be thoroughly cleaned. According to GMP requirements, check whether the equipment and material contact parts meet the corresponding cleaning requirements. The cleaning system is used to clean and disinfect the processing equipment. It can not only meet the strict sanitary requirements, but also will not damage the machine.