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ZJ400 Water Mold Dryer

ZJ400 Water Mold Dryer

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Product Details

This machine is suitable for drying all kinds of containers. The production capacity of each minute is 0-400 cans, which is the first choice of a certain scale beverage factory and canned food factory.

This equipment is generally configured after sterilizing but before the spraying box, using the high speed wind knife principle can effectively blow the water droplets.  

The Principle

This machine is equipped with a 5.5KW roots blower, the strong winds pass through the little mouth of the stainless steel pipe and directly jet out,the strong wind will produce the air knife effect, friction with the air, then blow out the winds in a certain temperature, the wet cans pass though the strong wind, the water will be blowed away, the air temperature can also play a certain air drying effect.  

The Features

  1. high speed fan:This equipment is equiped with a power, high strength roots blower, can produce a certain air knife effect.
  2. High quality materials: the whole machine except accessories are made of stainless steel.

Main Technical Parameters

Production Capacity:








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