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ZWPS1  Continuous spray sterilizer

ZWPS1 Continuous spray sterilizer

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Product Details

This machine adopts circle hot water spray sterilization、warm water to pre-cool、 cold water to cool of multistage process. It is energy and water conservation.

The filled cans or bottles enter into sterilzatzation machine, different temperature water spray containers when these containers come through. The main process is preheating、heating(sterilization) and cooling process.The preheating process and cooling process are very important, it could avoids taste loss of overheating ans also avoides container breakage of thermal stress.The sterilization temperature of this machine controlled by temperature control meter automatically, the speed of sterilization can adjustment according to the technologe requirements.



Production capacity

Customized according to the production capacity of the sealing machine




3~5 districts




Up to the output

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