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DGD3006 Cans Filling and Seaming machine

DGD3006 Cans Filling and Seaming machine

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Product Details

This machine is suitable for the filling and seaming of carbonated soft drinks, beer, etc. The production capacity is 50-300 cans per minute is the preferred product of a certain size beer beverage factory.

The whole machine can be divided into two positions, filling and seaming, filling is used for pressure filling, liquid level is controlled by liquid level filling principle, and the material temperature is suitable for low-temperature filling. The seal adopts a double - wheel progressive seal.

The principles:

The cans pass through the enter-in cans screw and dialing plate star wheel enter into the position plate of the filling machine, then the filling valve goes down along the bearing cam,let the cans centering and prepress and seal,the cylinder pressure can be adjusted accoring as the cans material by the pressure reducing valve on the control,and meantime by opening the pre-charging and counterbalance valve,the counterbalance gas crush into the cans and wipe out the air,let the oxygen content down to the lowest to aviod the negative pressure.

After the prefilled valve closed, the liquid valve is opened by the spring under the action of the stem to start filling,the materials pass three lead channels go down to the cans’ wall, at the same time the prefilled gas in the cans goes back to the filling cylinder, when the material surface reaches the muffler then cut the air, the filling stop.

In the moment of the cans-out, the centering cover lifts up under the action of cam and in-out guard, the cans leave the cans table enter into sealing machine convey chain.The cans bring out of the filling machine by the hook chain send into the falling caps down device,the close switch detect cans and fall caps down.The caps send into the sealing machine under the action of the dialing plate, the cans support plate lift up and seal. Finally it is delivered by the conveyor.

The Features: 

1.The sealing machine head seal uses the biaxial structure: the feed amount of the first and second roller can be adjusted and controlled separately.

2.The secondary exhaust structure of the filling machine: the second exhaust of the filling machine, reduce the oxygen content in the tank and extend the shelf life;

3.High quality components: We use Siemens PLC, daida inverter, touch screen, Yad solenoid valve and Omron proximity switch.

4.Convenient Operation: The production speed can be adjusted on touch screen; The machine will automatically alarm when normal malfunctions happens, and will also give the corresponding reasons. According to the severity of the malfunctions, PLC will judge whether to stop the machine.

5.The machine has good appearance, stable operation and low noise. It is the ideal filling and seaming equipment in China at present.

Main technical parameters:

Seaming heads: 6
Filling heads: 30
Production capacity 50-300cans/min
Can Diameter ⌀52.5~65.3mm
Can Height 122-160mm
Power 7.5kw
Weight 8000kg
Dimension 3488×2288×2168mm

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