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QSF160 Tape Type Washer

QSF160 Tape Type Washer

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Product Details

This machine is suitable for automatic washing can of tin cans. The production capacity is 0-160 cans per minute, which is the first choice of small beverage factory and canned food factory.

The Principle

Put the empty cans onto the can washing machine platform manually, push them into the can turntable, send into the magnetic conveyor belt, belt, the belt is installed with the magnets, under the effect of magnetic force, the tin cans are adsored on the belt, The motor drive belt to turn the cans up and down. When the empty can mouth is down and move to spray water head position, the water will flush the inner wall of the empty cans.The belt continues to operate with the empty can mouth up and arrive at the can rotary table, uses the rotary table rotating to deliver the empty can to the subsequent connection.

The Features

  1. All mechanical structure, simple and stable: the rotary table and belt are driven by mechanical structure motor, and the equipment is simple and stable.
  2. Material: except the inner frame other parts (contacting with cans) are made of high quality stainless steel.
  3. Easy to operate: manually put on cans, the device only sets the start-stop button.

Main Technical Parameters

Production Capacity:


Applicable Cans:

Tin can

Water Consumption:








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