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QSS200 Filled Can Washer

QSS200 Filled Can Washer

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Product Details

This machine is suitable for cans automatic washing which outer packages material is PE, tinplate,auluminium.The production capacity is 0-200cans per minute,which is a first choice product of a certain scale beverage factory, canning food factory.

The washing machine is a drop type, the structure divide into upper stranded cage, washing box, under stranded cage.

The Principle

The sealed cans under the conveying thrust and its self weight action slide into the washing box, water tank all around intalls water jets, wash the cans outer wall directly, then the cans fall into the under stranded cage and overturn 180degrees, then enter into a subsequent connective convey.

The Feature

All stainless steel material: the frame, the stranded cage, the water box are all made of high-quality stainless steel material.

Main Technical Parameters

Production capacity 0~200cans/min

Water Consumption




Dimension 1100×350×1200mm

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