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GC36 Cans Filling Machine

GC36 Cans Filling Machine

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Product Details

This machine is suitable for fruit juice beverage, tea beverage, protein beverage, canned soup, etc non-carboned beverage., which can be used cans(tinplate) as the outer packing material. The production capacity of 50 to 400 cans per minute is the preferred product of a certain scale beverage factory and canned food factory.

Filling adopts a normal pressure filling method, the liquid level is controlled by the liquid level filling principle, the material temperature is applicable to normal temperature filling or high temperature filling.

The Principle

The empty cans are separated by the can-in screw then rotate into the filling machine under the can-in dialing plate action,the  can support device of the filling machine take the cans opening the filling valve under the CAM action, the materials from the filling barrel flow into the cans, after the filling process the dialing plate rotating take the filled cans out to the can-out convey.

The Features

  1. High quality components: We use Siemens PLC, daida inverter, touch screen, Yad solenoid valve and Omron proximity switch.
  2. Convenient Operation: The production speed can be adjusted on touch screen; The machine will automatically alarm when normal malfunctions happens, and will also give the corresponding reasons. According to the severity of the malfunctions, PLC will judge whether to stop the machine.
  3. The machine has good appearance, stable operation and low noise. It is the ideal filling and seaming equipment in China at present.

Main Technical Parameters

Filling Heads:  


Production Capacity:


Cans Diameter:


Cans Height:








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