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JZ300 Automatic Loading and Unloading Machine

JZ300 Automatic Loading and Unloading Machine

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Product Details

This machine is suitable for automatic loading and unloading of round containers (PE, tin, aluminum cans, glass bottles) as the packaging of outer packing materials. The production capacity is 0-300 cans per minute, which is the preferred product of a certain scale beverage factory and canned food factory.

This machine is made up of loading and unloading cage parts,during the whole process send out cans automatically, automatic loading and unloading cages,take high temperature resistant plate in place manually, move the sterilization cage to operate and move the traveling block manually.

The Principle

The sealed cans or capped cans enter into the packing cage mesh belt platform by the convey system, under the action of conveying and guardrail arrangement automatically and are pushed to the mobilizable sterilization cage floor on the top of the hydraulic lift, filled with a layer, the hydraulic lift goes down to a certain height, put high temperature resistant plate manually, and push in a row of cans from the cage net belt platform, in circulation, until the sterilization cage is full. The sterilization cage filled with cans is pushed along the straight track manually to the vehicle, and the vehicle moves horizontally to the germicidal pot.

 After the sterilization, the sterilization cage is also pulled by the car to the straight pathway of the unloading cage, and then enter into the unloading cage machine. The next unloading action is the opposite of the loading cans.. After unloading the sterilization cage of the can exiting, it pass the rotating device and the bridge then enter into the cage area and circulate again and again.

The features

  1. Self-locking mechanism, photoelectric sensor: all the movements of rising and falling is controlled by the self-locking device, can adjust the speed of rising or falling, all positioning is controlled by the photoelectric switch.
  2. High quality components: it adopts mitsubishi PLC, schneider contactor, omron proximity switch and other high quality configuration.
  3. Convenient operation: the production process is controlled by the button.

Main Technical Parameters

Production Capacity:








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