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JZ600 Full Automatic Loading and Unloading Machine

JZ600 Full Automatic Loading and Unloading Machine

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Product Details

This machine is suitable for automatic loading and unloading of round containers (PE, tin, aluminum cans, glass bottles) as the packaging of outer packing materials. The production capacity is 0-600 cans per minute, which is the preferred product of a certain scale beverage factory and canned food factory.

This device is made up of loading and unloading cage parts, the whole process send out cans automatically, automatically loading and unloading cages, automatically vacuum absorb the high temperature resistant plate in place, push the sterilization cage operation automatically, control the traveling block movement electricity.

The Principle

The chain will send the empty sterillization cage to the loading cage workstation under the host of loading cage, hydraulic lifting platform rises the cage bottom board to the loading cage conveyor line height, the automatic absorb and disaborb clapboard device will suck a clapboard placed at the top floor and the conveyor bottle line will deliver the products to the loading cage convey net belt, divide the products into pieces by the pressure bottle device, holding bottle moving device hold the points good to a cage clapboard, the hydraulic lifting platform falls down a layer height, the automatic absorb and disaborb clapboard device automatically absorb and disaborb clapboard by the vacuum generator which can produce negative pressure,repeat the cycle until the whole cage products loaded.This system is controlled by PLC automatically to save manpower, improve production efficiency greatly. The unloading cage action is the opposite.

The Features

  1. Holding bottle moving mechanism: entering in-out of the cage are all moved by the holding bottle moving mechanism with the whole holding bottle moving, which can prevent the cnas flask deformation.
  2. Vacuum absorb the clapboard: the high temperature clapboard is automatically removed by vacuum cup.
  3. Automatic chain road: the trolley revolution on the pathway is driven by the motor, and the cage move automatically.
  4. Self-locking mechanism, photoelectric sensor: all the movements of rising and falling is controlled by the self-locking device, can adjust the speed of rising or falling, all positioning is controlled by the photoelectric switch.
  5. High quality components: it adopts mitsubishi PLC, schneider contactor, omron proximity switch and other high quality configuration.
  6. Convenient operation: the production process is automatically controlled by PLC, and the process is continuously circulated.

Main Technical Parameters

Production Capacity:








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