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FBS4 Scented Water EOE Seaming Machine

FBS4 Scented Water EOE Seaming Machine

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Product Details

This machine is suitable for the sealing of the low - can type of scented water, sauce and canned goods materials. The production capacity of each minute is 50-250 cans, which is the first choice machine for a certain scale canned food factory and fragrance factory.

During the sealing process the in and out of the dial driving, the cans support system, the sealing all are mechanical transmission, simplifies the nose structure, make the adjustment and maintenance convenient, especially the improved sealing curve CAM, makes the sealing quality much better than similar products.

The Principle

After the empty cans pass the conveyor and separated by enter-in cans screw, the hook chain take them into the caps convey turnplate,the close switch detectes the cans and the falling caps system fall a cap down.The convey caps turnplate bring the cans and caps together into the cans support seat,the filling cans support device under the cam driving support the cans and resist the pressure head.The cans support seat and the pressure head bring the cans together rotate.The first and the second roll wheels seal along the sealing cam curve in turns.After sealing the cans-out dialing plate takes the cans out to the convey then delivered.

The Features

  1. High quality components: We use Siemens PLC, daida inverter, touch screen, Yad solenoid valve and Omron proximity switch.
  2. Convenient Operation: The production speed can be adjusted on touch screen; The machine will automatically alarm when normal malfunctions happens, and will also give the corresponding reasons. According to the severity of the malfunctions, PLC will judge whether to stop the machine.
  3. The machine has good appearance, stable operation and low noise. It is the ideal filling and seaming equipment in China at present.

Main Technical Parameters

Seaming Heads: 4
Production capacity 50~250cans/min
Can Diameter ⌀52.5~99mm
Can Height 39-99mm
Power 5.5kw
Weight 1700kg
Dimension 2800×1700×1900mm

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