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DGD1204 Cans Filling and Seaming Machine

DGD1204 Cans Filling and Seaming Machine

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Product Details

This machine can be used as beer and other carbonic acid beverage filled with the outer packing material. The production capacity is 50-100 cans per minute, which is the preferred product of beer beverage factory.

The machine is divided into two station filling and can sealing, filling is adopts isobaric filling method, liquid level fixed liquid surface filling principle is used to control, to prevent the volatilization of material liquid CO2, temperature of material is usually 4 ℃ low temperature; The seal adopts a double - wheel progressive seal.

The principles:

After the empty cans pass the conveyor and separated by enter-in cans screw,by the enter-in dialing plate driving enter into the cans-support seat,then the cans-support rise and move to the switch valve position, and make the first exhaust,and the cans-support seat continue to rise to the filling valve seal.And close the gas-guide pipe immediately,open the exhaust close,make the second exhaust then close the exhaust switch immediately.The filling barrel continue rotating a certain angle to the second switch valve position, fully open the filling valve,the material flow into the cans until full.

After the filling process, the filling barrel ratates to the exhaust valve and remove excess pressure, the cans-support plate goes down to break the cans away from the filling valve.And then the cans will be sent to the cap falling-down device by the hook chain. After the cap falling-down device can detect the cans, it falls cap down, and deliver the can to the seaming machine. Then the cans supported by the plate and are sealed. Finally it is delivered by the conveyor.

The features:

1.The sealing machine head seal uses the biaxial structure: the feed amount of the first and second roller can be adjusted and controlled separately.

2.The secondary exhaust structure of the filling machine: the second exhaust of the filling machine, reduce the oxygen content in the tank and extend the shelf life;

3.Heavy bearing widely used in this machine; the imported bearings are used in the key heavy loading area so that the service life and stability can be extended.

4.High quality components: We use Siemens PLC, daida inverter, touch screen, Yad solenoid valve and Omron proximity switch.

5.Convenient Operation: The production speed can be adjusted on touch screen; The machine will automatically alarm when normal malfunctions happens, and will also give the corresponding reasons. According to the severity of the malfunctions, PLC will judge whether to stop the machine.

6.The machine has good appearance, stable operation and low noise. It is the ideal filling and seaming equipment in China at present.

Main technical parameters:

Seaming heads: 4
Filling heads: 12
Production capacity 50~100cans/min
Can Diameter ⌀52.5-65.3mm
Can Height 122-160mm
Power 5.5kw
Weight 4300kg
Dimension 2700×17000×2100mm

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