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JC600 Full Automatic Empty Cans Depalletizer

JC600 Full Automatic Empty Cans Depalletizer

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Product Details

This machine is suitable for automatic can unloading the outer packages material is tinplate,aluminium can.The production capacity is 0-600cans per minute,is a first production for a certain scale beverage, canned food factory.

The principle

Take the empty cans fulled in the pallet on the pallet convey chain by the forklift, then send it to the host pallet lifting platform.The pallet lifting platform lift the fulled pallet up on a unloading height, the cylinder drives the thrusting caps baffle and thrusts the whole tier cans to the net belt, then turn back to the ready position and continue to thrust the next tier.Each tier clapboard absorbed by the  to vacuum chuck to put on the dedicated paperboard platform, after unloading the empty cans the empty pallet board fall down to the chain conveyor horizontal position automatically. When the next empty cans thrusted in send the empty pallet on the automatic piling up pallet device of the back of the depalletizer, over lay one by one tier automatically to reach a certain quantity and fork the whole crib.

The feature

  1. Pneumatic clamp tank, electric push tank: before the push tank, the whole layer of empty tank can be protected by the air cylinder control ring tank device, and then the whole layer of the chain can be moved by the motor to move the empty tank to the mesh belt to prevent the pouring.
  2. Vacuum absorb clapboard: the paper clapboard between each empty cans is automatically absorbed by the vacuum chuck and moved to the dedicated platform.
  3. The pallet piling up collection platform: after the empty pallet sent to the assigned position by the convey pathway,the cylinder controlled robot arm falls down to catch the pallet interstitial site to lift the pallet to a certain height,the next empty pallet directly arrives at the upper pallet’underface position, then the robot arm loosens the upper pallet and falls down to catch the down pallet and lift,when reaching a certain quantity  the forklift will clean the pallets directly.
  4. Self-locking mechanism, photoelectric sensor: all the movements of rising and falling is controlled by the self-locking device, can adjust the speed of rising or falling, all positioning is controlled by the photoelectric switch.
  5. High quality components: it adopts mitsubishi PLC, schneider contactor, omron proximity switch and other high quality configuration.
  6. Convenient operation: the production process is automatically controlled by PLC, and the process is continuously circulated.

Main technical parameters

Production Capacity:




Applicate Pallet






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