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FBF8Milk Powder Vacuum Nitriding Seamer

FBF8Milk Powder Vacuum Nitriding Seamer

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The filled cans are sended by the can claw of the rotating cylinder to  the sealing head, the falling caps device detect the cans and fall caps down and push it under the head.The cylinder support the vacuum cover to pin the head seal ring to form a seal space,and automatic vacuum and nitrogen filling,then the can support cylinder pin the can to pin the pressure head.Finally do the first and the second sealing, the sealed cans will be beated by the beating device and pass though the can convey device sent to the convey belt.


  1. Vacuum, nitrogen filled: the vacuum cover is installed on the can support device, can connect the vacuum pump,vacuum the cans and add nitrogen.
  2. 2. It adopts Siemens PLC, Delta inverter, Xinjie touch screen, Yadeke's solenoid valve, Omron's proximity switch and other high-quality configurations; the inlet, lower cover and tray are equipped with detection devices, no cans and no cover There is a can without a lid and no sealing;
  3. Convenient operation: production is controlled by PLC, production speed can be set on the touch screen according to requirements, all common faults are automatically alarmed, and the corresponding fault cause position is given. According to the severity of the fault, the PLC automatically judges whether the host can continue to run or Downtime.
  4.  The machine has beautiful appearance, stable operation and low noise operation.
Canned caps 1
Production capacity 5~7cans/min
Applicable tank diameter ⌀99~153mm
Applicable tank height 100-240mm
Power 1.5kw
Weight 860kg
Dimension 2200×1100×1650mm

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