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ZWNG1Automatic Powder Filling Machine

ZWNG1Automatic Powder Filling Machine

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Product Details

  1. Double filling hoppers: Main filling hopper and complementary filling hopper(filling weight≤50g) to confirm high precision filling;
  2. Servo and pneumatic system controls can support and moving. It is high speed and exact allocation;
  3. Servo motor and servo drive controls screw. It is steady performance and high precision;
  4. Horizontal open-type hopper (Inside and outside surface of hopper are polish finish)、no dead angle and easy for clean;
  5. “Fatek” PLC control、”Panelvisa” touch screen human-computer interface display;
  6. Fast reaction weighing system (reaction time﹤1s) confirm high filling speed and high precision;
  7. The filling hopper fits hand wheel to adjust height, main hopper could adjust 150mm ups and downs and complementary hopper could adjust 100mm ups and downs, so it suits to fill different sizes cans easily;
  8. Fits dust cleaner、connect negative pressure pipeline and no dust pollution surrounding;
  9. Horizontal linear type structure、small occupation of land and easy for clean;
  10. Fixed screw structure and no metal contamination in filling;
  11. Working process: can in→can support→oscillation→measure fill→oscillation→weighing and feedback→complementary fill→check-weighing and disqualification cans elimination→can out
  12. Includes the devices of weighing and bad cans elimination;
  13. Radio frequency admittance level control (Main and complementary hoppers );
  14. Connect the can supply machine to realize linkage control;
  15. Stainless steel structure;
  16. Equip with herringbone pipe.(Optional)
Filling material Milk powder
Applicable can type #300~#502

Filling weight

#502 can(diameter 128mm,heicht 175mm)
Filling precision

Filling weight≤500g      Deviation≤±1.5g

                  Filling weight 500-1000g   Deviation≤±2.5g

                  Filling weight>1000g     Deviation≤±4g

Filling speed


Power supply


Compressed air


Compressed air loss




Machine volume 2650×1000×2300mm

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