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GG12 Granule Cans Filling Machine

GG12 Granule Cans Filling Machine

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Product Details

This machine is suitable for the canning of a small amount of material, such as eight treasures porridge raw material, coconut fruit, meat granule, etc., which can be used cans(tin)as the outer packing material. The production capacity is 0-200 cans per minute, which is the first choice of a certain scale beverage factory and canned food factory.

The can can be used in the filling mode with the ration cup, and the measuring cup adopts the double cup nested structure, which can adjust the capacity within a certain range.

The principle

The empty cans are separated by the can-in screw rotate into the filling machine under the dialing plate action,after rotating to a certain angle the switch valve CAM open the feed opening, the material will fall down to the corresponding empty can under the effect of gravity, the filling machine continue rotate to the switch valve CAM position, use the touch form to close the feed opening valve door, after the filling the can-out dialing plate take the filled cans out to the can-out convey.

The barrel is directly mounted above the measuring cup, and the material falls directly into the measuring cup, using the nylon scraper strike off.

The feature

  1. No can no filling device: the device is equiped on the can-in position, if there is no can, the feed opening baffle will not open to avoid the material spilling on the machine.
  2. High quality components: we use Siemens PLC, daida inverter, touch screen, Yad solenoid valve and Omron proximity switch.
  3. Convenient operation: the production speed can be set on the touch screen according to the requirements. All the common faults will automatically alarm, and the stacking cans will be shut down.
  4. The machine has good appearance, stable operation and low noise. It is the ideal filling and seaming equipment in China at present.

Main Technical Parameters

Filling Heads:  


Production Capacity:


Cans Diameter:


Cans Height:








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