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GGJ45 Big Can Strong Sauce Filling Machine

GGJ45 Big Can Strong Sauce Filling Machine

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Product Details

This machine is suitable for the filling of jam, tomato sauce, chili sauce, condensed milk, etc., which can be used as the outer packing material, such as sticky, high concentration, pulp or granule. The production capacity of 18-25cans per minute is the preferred product of a certain scale canned food factory.

The filling of the equipment is based on piston filling principle, the liquid level is controlled by the servo motor control screw stroke, and the material temperature is usually filled with high temperature.

The Principle

The empty cans pass the can-in convey and enter down of the filling head, the close switch detects the cans, the cylinder will pop up to block the empty cans. The servo motor controls the screw rod rotating to breath the material from the barrel into the filling valve. After reaching the setted filling amount, the rotating valve cut, the filling valve is connected with the outlet port, and the servo motor is rotated backward to squeeze the material from the filling valve into the can to complete a filling. Then the cylinder shrinks back and the conveyor bring the filled cans away.

The Features

  1. High quality components: Adopt the Panasonic servo motor and private server controlle,use Siemens PLC, daida inverter, touch screen, Yad solenoid valve and Omron proximity switch.
  2. Convenient Operation: The production speed can be adjusted on touch screen.The filling volume can be adjusted between 400 to 4500g setted on the touch screen.
  3. The filling accuracy is high: the filling quantity is realized by the servo motor control screw stroke, and the error can be controlled within or minus 4‰.
  4. Second filling: the machine can also carry out the second filling, which can expand the filling amount to 9000g.
  5. The machine has good appearance, stable operation and low noise. It is the ideal filling and seaming equipment in China at present.

Main Technical Parameters

Filling Heads: 1
Production Capacity: 18-25cans/min
Filling volume: Single filling to be 400-4500g,second filling max to be 9000g
Cans Height: 100-240mm
Power: 3.55kw
Weight: 600kg
Dimensions: 2000*1500*2400mm

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