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TP-300 Automatic Vacuum Seaming Machine

TP-300 Automatic Vacuum Seaming Machine

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Product Details

This machine is suitable for the sealing of products such as sauce, condensed milk, canned fruit and canned meat. The production capacity of 80-100 cans per minute is the preferred product of a certain scale canned food factory.

The sealing process is divided into two processes: pre-sealing and sealing, and the vacuum pump system can be used to extract the vacuum and guarantee the quality of the contents.  

The Principle

After the empty cans pass the conveyor and separated by enter-in cans screw, the hook chain take them into the caps convey turnplate, the sensors detect the cans and the falling caps device fall caps down, the caps convey turntable take the cans into the pre-sealing head,the tips suck the cap and press down the can and pre-seal, after pre-sealing the dialing plate take the cans into eight fork turntable,and rotate into the annular seal space  under the head, instant vacuum and the CAM control the can support seat rising to withstand the pressure head,then the fisrt and the second roll wheel one after another seal, and after sealing the cans will be taken out to the slideway by the eight fork turntable.

The Feature

  1. Can-cap interlock device:no caps, the protective copper disc on the nose can prevent uncovers sealing.
  2. Automatic stop of can jamming:during machine running,if there is a failure or jamming in a place, the clutch will automatically jump off and activate the travel switch to stop quickly.
  3. No caps no cover: the cover device is controlled by the mechanical induction switch,touch the cans then fall caps down.
  4. Easy to operate and stable operation: all actions is mechanical transmission, reliable and stable operation, simple controlling, only set up the start and stop button.
  5. Vacuum pump can be evacuated: the machine is equipped with a vacuum tube, which can vacuum the vacuum pump in the process of sealing.

Main Technical Parameters

Seaming Heads   1
Production Capacity 80-100cans/min
Cans Diameter Φ52.5-105mm
Cans Heigh 39-133mm
Power 2.2kw
Weight 2500kg
Dimensions 2010*1400*1900mm

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